George P

I started treatment at Wilkins Spinal Care back in 2012. At the time, I was suffering from Multiple Myeloma as well as severe back and leg pain. However, because of my Multiple Myeloma, no chiropractor would touch me; that is until I began the DRS program at Wilkins Spinal Care. I was assured it was a safe and painless alternative and they were right! The DRS program gave me my quality of life back.

However, it wasn’t just the DRS program that helped! It was the supportive care plan (I come one time a week) that has allowed me to continue to enjoy my increased quality of life. And the best thing about the supportive care plan is that it allows my doctors to stay up-to-date about how my symptoms are changing. Furthermore, and this is probably the best part. The supportive care plan covers any accidents or falls that may aggravate your condition.

This was never more relevant then a few weeks ago. As fate would have it, I was walking to my car to come for my regular treatment and I slipped and fell on ice. Just getting back up and getting in my car suddenly became very challenging. However, the doctors at Wilkins Spinal Care took me straight to X-ray and re-evaluated my condition to make sure there were no underlying issues. After re-assuring me that this was just a re-aggravation and that they could help, we went right to work. I was treated that day and felt more than 50% better. I was told to follow up the next day and after that treatment, I was back to my pre-fall status. I truly believe that being regularly treated under the supportive care plan was what allowed me to bounce back so quickly!