Your kid wakes up one morning with flu-like symptoms, and red, itchy blisters from head to toe. Sounds like chickenpox. No big deal. Send them right up to bed to get rest and drink fluids. Stop them from scratching to prevent scar development. The worst part about chickenpox is what lies within the nervous system…

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Do you ever have the sudden urge to go to the bathroom and feel like you are not going to make it? Imagine the people who experience incontinence daily. We’re sure it’s embarrassing to those individuals. If you are reading this and it sounds like you, please keep reading because we can help. In this…

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Most people worldwide have suffered from a headache at some point over their lifetime, but how was it induced? There are hundreds of causes that trigger headaches. We are not going to discuss every single cause because it would simply be endless content, but we will discuss the three most common types of headaches. We…

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How long have you been experiencing pain? That is a question every doctor should ask the patient. It gives the doctor a baseline of where the patient is and how much care is required to get them better. In order to do that, we need to distinguish the difference between acute pain and chronic pain,…

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George P

I started treatment at Wilkins Spinal Care back in 2012. At the time, I was suffering from Multiple Myeloma as well as severe back and leg pain. However, because of my Multiple Myeloma, no chiropractor would touch me; that is until I began the DRS program at Wilkins Spinal Care. I was assured it was…

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The Master: The Report of Findings for Chiropractic

Report of Findings for Chiropractic

Typically, any healthcare provider you go to see will give you a report of findings (ROF) after they have performed an examination on your condition. Sadly, however, some doctors do not provide their patients with a ROF, which could be a bad start to a doctor patient relationship. For today’s blog, we will discuss what…

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Facet Joints: Gliding Your Way to Better Health

Facet Joints

Bottom Line: If you’ve had neck or back pain that you could pinpoint with your finger, or experienced sharp pains when you move, it may be related to the facet joints of your spine. It’s easy to think of your facet joints like the “knuckles” of your spine. They are small joints and have a…

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The Bowling Ball and the Pin: How Poor Posture Causes Neck Pain

Poor Posture Causes Neck Pain

Bottom Line: The average human head weighs about 8 pounds. Each day we all walk around with a bowling ball (our head) balancing on a toothpick (our neck). We are designed this way to allow for the full range of motion we all know and love. Even under the best circumstances, this places a lot…

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Why Lifetime Wellness?

Mount Pleasant Chiropractic Care

“One and Done” only works in college basketball! It is a doctor’s responsibility to follow-up with their patient. It is the standard of care to make sure your treatment is working. Regardless of your specialty, you gave an oath to serve the greater good and to provide health to the masses. As Chiropractors, our treatment…

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