We hope everyone had a great holiday season, an uplifting end to the 2023 calendar year, and that 2024 is the best year to date. Be sure to spread the word about our New Year special happening the month of January. 

It is our hope that you enjoyed the 2023 blog content and are as excited as we are that it will continue in 2024. We will continue to have new blog content available every Monday on the website, email, and social media pages, as well as videos every Wednesday. 

This year’s blog content may look slightly shorter than last year. We noticed that some blogs were very long and provided information that could have been divided into two or three blogs. Some blogs may have a series or closely related topics in following weeks. We are doing this so that we can provide more information for you each week and so that piles of information are not crammed into one blog.

Last year’s blogs focused on our chiropractic, decompression, and neuropathy services. This year, we will continue to tie these services into our topics of discussion; however, we will also look deeper into the organ systems and how they are affected when the nervous system is impaired. In addition, we’re including a 15-week series on the supplements available in our office. Last year, we briefly discussed each supplement in one blog. This year, we will focus on one supplement each week and breakdown its purpose, ingredients, and dosage. 

We have so much more to offer you this year. If there is something that you specifically want us to address, please reach out to the office at (724) 547-3377. If you want to review our 2023 blogs, go to our website,, and go to our blogs tab. Let’s have a great year.

Yours in Health,

Larry E Wilkins, DC

Brian M Steinert, DC