Report of Findings? What is that? Most patients don’t know what a report of findings is because most doctors don’t provide them with one. A report of findings (ROF) is critical for both the patient and doctor for several different reasons and it is a great first step for a doctor-patient relationship. In this week’s blog, we will discuss what an ROF is, the importance of one, and how we do one in our office.

What is a Report of Findings?

A ROF is information provided to the patient by the doctor showing the results of all the tests and diagnostic studies performed during the initial exam to help formulate a diagnosis. Typically, an ROF takes anywhere between 15-30 minutes depending on the doctor and the severity of the condition. It is done on the next visit because it gives the doctor enough time to thoroughly review all of the examination results to assure they have an accurate diagnosis for the patient.

What is the Importance of a Report of Findings?

First and foremost, the patient is entitled to an accurate diagnosis. Imagine getting adjusted by a chiropractor without knowing why he is adjusting you here and touching you there. Definitely seems off-putting, doesn’t it? Another strong point of providing an ROF is that it builds a strong communication connection between the doctor and patient. Proper communication regarding every aspect of a patient’s condition reassures the patient that their care is in good hands.

Likewise, is make sure the doctor spends an adequate amount of time reviewing the results of the examination. Many doctors don’t even give an ROF or barely spend any time on it, which could lead to an inaccurate diagnosis. The importance of a ROF is to educate the patients on their condition and explain why they are experiencing their symptoms. They want to know if the doctor can help them and how long it will take for relief. An ROF will provide a treatment plan designed for each patient explaining what the doctors are going to do, why it will help, and how long it will take to correct the problem.

Report of Findings in Our Office

Patients and their health are our number one priority, although, our ROFs may be more detailed than other chiropractors or medical professionals, that’s okay because we know the importance of providing a thorough synopsis of the patient’s health. If we were in the patients’ shoes, we would want the same treatment.

During the ROF, we review everything we did during the previous day’s initial exam. We show patients their x-rays and explain why we’re adjusting them in the direction needed. We also review the orthopedic tests and explain what each test identifies to give the patient clarity on whether it’s a musculoskeletal, disc or neurological problem.

Once everything has been identified, explained, and understood, we present the patient with a specifically designed treatment plan. We explain the importance of the treatment plan in complete thorough detail.

Again, we don’t take patient care lightly. Our style of patient care has allowed thousands of chiropractic, decompression and neuropathy patients to trust us in their care. We absolutely love our patients and we want nothing more than to help, serve and heal. If you have any questions about our office procedures, please feel free to call us at (724) 547-3377 or checkout our website at for more content about our office.

Yours in Health,

Larry E. Wilkins, DC

Brian M. Steinert, DC