Jay J

The pain in my lower back started 17 years ago when I was working at a warehouse. I was loading skids by hand and I twisted and messed it up pretty bad. My employer sent me to a comp doctor who stated it was a pulled muscle and sent me to the PT Group for massage therapy and gave me Biofreeze. After I was on light duty for a few months, I knew something was still not right. The doctor put me on muscle relaxers which made me sick to my stomach. If I threw my back out, I would be down for a week to 10 days at a time.

I was dealing with pain all the time and I couldn’t even put my socks on or play with my 7-year old son. I had to work regardless of the pain. I knew what I could and couldn’t do to avoid throwing my back out again. I would just “deal” with the pain. I got to the point I had enough. A friend told me about Dr. Wilkins, so I called and made an appointment. Dr. Wilkins told me that I had a bad disc and to start decompression. At first, I didn’t want to do it because I have an active 7-year old son, but I’m really glad I did it!

Within 2 weeks of starting treatment, I could feel a significant difference and started feeling much better. I can actually bend over straight to feed my cat, which I couldn’t do before! My treatment at Wilkins Spinal Care was great! Everyone “is down to earth.” Dr. Stay was thorough and explained everything. I would definitely recommend Wilkins Spinal Care!