Gary M.

Since 1991, I have had back pain and from time to time, it would get really bad. I would be dragging my left leg and the back pain would get severe. I tried everything: chiropractic, nerve blocks, shots in my pain, pain shots and even went to a pain center in Pittsburgh. Some of these things help for a short period of time, but the pain stayed with me.

I own my own business and when the pain got really bad, I couldn’t do my work and had to get someone else to do it. Then I heard about Dr. Wilkins and spinal decompression, and I have to admit, for the first three weeks, I didn’t think it was going to work for me, but I am happy to say that now my pain is gone! I keep getting better and stronger every day. I am still being careful about what I do, but I have no limitations to my activities at work and am able to do more and more all the time with no pain!