Fight the Common Cold With Chiropractic

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It’s that time of the year that everyone starts to get sick again. Why is that? Is there a way to prevent from getting sick? Most importantly, why is a chiropractor talking about the common cold. In this week’s blog, we will discuss what the common cold is, how to prevent it and how to fight the common cold with chiropractic care.

What is the Common Cold?

Everybody has had a cold at least once in their lifetime. Symptoms include a fever, stuffy runny nose, coughing, sneezing, headache, fatigue, etc. The common cold is a virus that spreads by coming into direct contact with an infectious person whether being around them or touching something they did that left the virus behind such as a doorknob or book. The bright side about the virus is once it exits your body, you can no longer get sick from that strand of virus because your body has built an immunity to fight off that particular infection. That is why when you get sick, others may get infected by you but once you feel better and others are still sick, you won’t get sick off that same virus you already had.

How Do You Prevent Getting the Common Cold?

There are many different ways to prevent from getting or spreading the common cold. You need to know your surroundings and know proper hygiene. When you cough or sneeze, make sure you cover your mouth to prevent spreading. Wash your hands immediately if you sneeze or cough on skin to prevent germs from spreading. When touching objects such as a door knob or book, consider disinfecting the area or take a paper towel to grab the object so that germs will not spread. Don’t be afraid to use hand sanitizer either. It may not kill everything, but it still does a good job killing germs. If you happen to get sick, the best measures to take is get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. Oh, and don’t forget to see your chiropractor!

How Chiropractors Can Help Defeat the Common Cold

This may seem confusing to many but why are chiropractors helpful in removing the common cold? As we have stated in previous blogs below, the nervous system controls everything that we do and everything that happens in our body. When a new virus enters our body, there is a battle between our body and the virus to help defeat the infection. So, if you think about it, the nervous system is on overload. Now you can take a Tylenol or Ibuprofen, but you’re only making the virus stay in your system longer as these drugs inhibit the nervous system to perform the function it is supposed to do. Chiropractors will enhance the nervous system by quickly and efficiently!

If you have any questions about our tips to fight the common cold with chiropractic care or want to schedule a visit, contact us today!