Do you suffer from chronic neck pain and headaches? Have you found any relief? If not, you will want to keep reading because we have a cervical tool for you to use called the cervical denneroll. 

What is a Cervical Denneroll?

A cervical denneroll is a patented design exercise tool used to correct the cervical curve. It is made of foam and has a convex curve at the peak. The cervical deneroll was developed by Chiropractic BioPhysics, a prestigious chiropractic technique that uses different spinal tools to correct spinal curvature and eliminate nerve interference. 

 What is the Purpose of the Cervical Denneroll?

We live in a world of advanced technology. Cell phones and computers have become indispensable, but their use comes with risks including poor posture and improper body mechanics. Think about it. When you’re texting, are you looking up, straight ahead, or looking down? Chances are that you are looking down. When you’re typing, are you sitting upright, or are you hunched? We hope you’re sitting upright, but most people acknowledge that they are hunched.  Laptops are even worse than phones because if a laptop is physically on your lap as it was intended to be, chances are that you are looking slightly downward.

The cervical denneroll was created to combat the negative physical health of modern technology usage. Before computers and cell phones, loss of spinal curvatures was not nearly as common as they are now. 

The cervical spine has a convex cervical lordotic curve that helps maintain posture and absorbs shock when movement occurs. Overtime, trauma, poor posture, poor body ergonomics, and repetitive motions result in a loss in the cervical lordosis, stimulating a straight neck or reversed cervical curve. Neck pain, disc damage, bone degeneration, and chronic headaches may also occur.

Placing the neck on the convex cure of the denneroll twice a day for an infinite number of days will help redevelop a cervical lordosis, thus, eliminating neck pain and headaches. Degeneration that has occurred will never be removed, but it can be managed from getting worse. You have repetitiously reversed the cervical curve due to poor body ergonomics, so repetitiously using the cervical denneroll daily, can bring back a proper cervical lordosis over time. 

How to Use the Cervical Denneroll?

Step 1: Lie on a hard surface such as a hardwood floor or carpet. We recommend not lying in a bed.

Step 2: Place your neck on the convex surface at the peak of the denneroll. Most reversed cervical curves run the entire length of the neck; however, curves may only be reversed at the upper, middle, or lower neck. When the doctor looks at your x-rays, he will determine where to have you place your neck. If the entire curve is reversed, we recommend placing the denneroll in the middle of the neck.    

Step 3: Set a timer for two minutes on your first session. Once time is up, you may remove the denneroll and repeat one more time later in the day.

NOTE: Each day, add a minute to your session until you reach 20 minutes.

Example: Day 2 = 3 minutes

    Day 3 = 4 minutes

    Day 4 = 5 minutes


NOTE: You don’t need to add a minute each day. If you can, great, but you are not expected to add a minute every day right away. You are physically changing the curve of your neck, so it may be uncomfortable after a short period of time. Eventually, your body will become acclimated, and you will be able to add more minutes over time. Don’t be upset if you can’t make 20 minutes. Some patients never do, and that’s fine. As long as you’re using the deneroll faithfully every day, your body is still being influenced and the cervical curve is being positively impacted. 

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*Above is an image of the cervical denneroll and how it is placed under the neck.

Is There Anything More We Can Do to Help?

Just in case you were wondering, we do sell the cervical denerolls, so you don’t need to go directly to Chiropractic BioPhysics. Aside from providing a denneroll, we will also provide frequent video fluoroscopy scans on the neck to look at curve improvement and overall motion. We also will provide routine cervical adjustments to further enhance motion and proper curvature in the neck.

For more information or questions about the cervical denneroll, please call us at (724) 547-3377 and checkout our website at www.drlarrywilkinsspinalcare.com for more content.

Yours In Health,

Larry E. Wilkins, DC

Brian M. Steinert, DC