Last week, we began our 15-week series on the supplements we provide at our office. This week, we will continue our discussion of arthritis and degenerative joint disease and introduce another similar supplement known as Baxyl. Baxyl contains a compound found naturally in the body called hyaluronic acid. This week, we will talk about Baxyl, what it is used for, and who can benefit from it.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural compound found in the joints, skin, hair, and eyes of the human body. It allows the joints to glide with ease, it keeps the skin and hair smooth, and it provides optimal vision. When the body reaches 35-40 years old, the body stops producing hyaluronic acid, resulting in early stages of arthritis, wrinkling of the skin, discoloration and hair thinning, and vision deterioration.

What is Baxyl?

Baxyl is a natural, liquid hyaluronic acid supplement to reduce the effects of natural aging. Baxyl, like Arthrisea, does not treat arthritis,  but rather, it makes the symptoms manageable. Although Baxyl provides joint relief for all joints, it works best for small joints such as knees, elbows, wrist, fingers, etc.; however, it also can diminish symptoms of arthritis affecting the spinal column. 

When taking Baxyl, we ask patients for a 2-month commitment because it takes time for the body to reach a therapeutic level. The first bottle of Baxyl is a 30-day supply, whereas subsequent bottles are a 36-day supply because the dosage during the first week is slightly greater. Baxyl is to be taken orally and may be diluted in water. There are no contraindications and no reported side effects of taking Baxyl.

Who Can Benefit from Baxyl?

Anyone can benefit from Baxyl; even those who don’t suffer from arthritis. As a source of hyaluronic acid, it benefits other areas of the body that we previously noted.  

Patients who show evidence of arthritis and degenerative disc disease on their x-rays are prime candidates.  If you are suffering from arthritis or achy joints, talk to our doctors and they will be happy to talk with you about Baxyl. 

If you have any questions about Baxyl, please call us at (724) 547-3377 and checkout our website at  for more content.

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