Aline Orthotics

Enhance proper body mechanics with the Aline Orthotic

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What Makes the Aline Orthotic Different?

The Aline Orthotic is unlike any other brand. Most orthotics require custom mold or foot scanning devices, but the Aline product looks at the body biomechanically. Using state-of-the-art equipment and patented technology, Aline Orthotics remove unnecessary foot rotation, further alleviating unnecessary rotation and pain in the knees, hips, low back, and neck.

The Benefits of Orthotics

  • Reduced foot pain

  • Reduced back pain

  • Reduced lower extremity pain

  • Improved mobility, gait & movement patterns

  • Improved sport performance

  • Increased comfortability & arch support


Aline Red

The original Aline insoles enable active alignment to boost performance during any activity.


Aline Motivity

Aline Motivity was created for sensitive feet, particularly after an injury or surgery. With breathable mesh and advanced alignment technology, motivity insoles enable the lower body to move freely, ensuring optimal comfort throughout your recovery process or daily activities.

Aline Golf

Aline Golf was designed for golfers to help enhance sport performance and provide additional traction during gameplay, but it is also a great choice for other sports that require quick sudden movements.