One product commonly advertised in chiropractic offices is Biofreeze. Biofreeze was created in the mid-1980s by Dr. Danne Montague-King, in an effort to trying to develop a pain relief solution for his grandmother who was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. In 1991, two men purchased the rights to the Biofreeze formula and brought it to the Florida Chiropractic Association for its public debut. The product was officially made available in 1994. 

Over the next 30 years, Biofreeze expanded its products worldwide to a variety of health professionals to provide pain relief to their patients. In this week’s blog, we will discuss what Biofreeze is, and identify the difference between store brand and professional brand.

What is Biofreeze?

Biofreeze is a topical, cooling, analgesic used to relieve joint pain, muscle soreness, arthritis, and reduce inflammation. It contains approximately 4% menthol, which is an organic compound made synthetically or obtained from the oils of corn mint, peppermint, or other mints.

Biofreeze acts like an agent similar to ice. If you recall, ice should be used for inflammation and should be applied for 20 minutes, followed by 40 minutes of rest. Biofreeze should never replace an ice pack, but rather, it should be used when moving around throughout the day or at bedtime. 

Biofreeze comes in a variety of forms including roll-on, gel, paste, lotion, patches, spray, and foam. There is no beneficial difference between any product. It is patient preference only. Most patients prefer the roll-on version because it’s not as sticky when applied to the skin.

What is the Difference Between Store Brand and Professional Brand?

In 2016, Biofreeze came out with a professional brand that is exclusive only to clinicians. The professional brand contains approximately 5% menthol for longer lasting effects opposed to the 4% menthol found in the retail store version. Store brand Biofreeze can be found at most department stores and pharmacies such as Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens. It is slightly cheaper than the professional brand, but it is not as long lasting or effective due to the 1% difference in menthol content. 1% makes a huge difference in the health field, so we highly recommend spending the extra few dollars on the professional brand.

Does Our Office Sell Biofreeze?

Yes, our office sells professional grade Biofreeze. We carry both the roll-on and gel versions. For more information or questions about Biofreeze, please call us at (724) 547-3377 and check out our website at for more content.

Yours In Health,

Brian M. Steinert, DC

Larry E. Wilkins, DC